Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Things You See Whilst Walking Through Nueva York

No I'm not gay, but that's a REALLY funny way to make fun of the Mets' new advertising campaign haha.

Ladies and gentlemen, Harvey the Trickster God, creator of the Universe, and life of the party.

I visited Jason Trachtenburg at the Food Co-Op, he taught me all about edible things I had never heard of. I bought these red fiji somethings, they're supposed to be "super food." And I got curry cashews-- it tasted like Indian food but you can eat it while you're walking around. And umm... bananas, but I had heard of bananas before today (I forget from where). Jason works there 2-4 on Saturdays, if you want to go hang with a celebrity and annoy him while he's working. Jason also plays tomorrow night in Bushwick-- go see his new band, they have a million members!

Speaking of Trachtenburgia, look -- the evil Lord Bloombucks! And it's not even Halloween.

Lou from The Apple Brothers!

Dino from The Laughing Sky!

BUNKY!!!!!!! (no website link for Bunkaloo)


Hey, 1-11 isn't All Saints Day, 11-1 is All Saints Day. Hmmmm... must contain a meaning of cosmic importance...

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