Friday, December 26, 2008

Rosie Rebel's Dream

OK now Rosie has me working nights, videotaping her dreams.
"James. You're not supposed to be here James."
"You know I do my banking here in my dreams, James."
"Give me my check, James."

"All right, James. That's enough, James."

Rosie Rebel's Arabian Xmas

Purty xmas tree-- Horus cat outdid himself this year!
Rosie says nobody ever caught her third eye in a photo before.

Above Rosie is negotiating with an Arabian shopkeeper, totally giving the guy a hard time.

Rosie asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and I said yes.
She took me all around various neighborhoods in Brooklyn
and told me stories about historical events that had happened
in each place. She explained who the statues were of and why.
I'm just finally beginning to get a sense of how the neighborhoods
connect out there again. At one point, I told Rosie how
happy I was to be there with her right then.
She told me I had to find myself a girl that had a personality
like Rosie, but the looks of this other girl she thinks I like.
I don't want anyone that looks like that other girl,
but I do wish Rosie had a sister.
Rosie's boyfriend Phil kindly told me she DOES have a lot of brothers,
in case I wanted to go gay.

Rosie says from now on I should only be involved with women
who have a good relationship with their father OR
who grew up with a lot of brothers and no sisters.
Rosie seems to think she has me figured out,
and I have no reason to doubt her.
Eating Arabian food can make you start to look Arabian

Rosie showed me the place her grandparents lived when
they came back from WWII, then took me to an Arabian restaurant
diagonally across the street from it.
She told me she's always bringing different guys in there,
so the owner probably think she has a million boyfriends.
The waiter came over very happily and asked Rosie if she would be
having her usual. She said yes my good man, and in addition
she ordered for me, and told me we would be sharing everything
in case there was stuff I didn't like.
But I liked everything!
Even the lamb sausage-- isn't lamb the most evil thing to eat?
Isn't that torture food or something?
It was really good though, especially after the long walk.
We also got Turkish coffee, which I hadn't had before
and Rosie taught me about the history of coffee.

It was a really peaceful day.

NEXT: Rosie Rebel Bank Porno!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas Day

In New York City today, we're having a white Christmas, as you can see above.

Well, okay, it's a white with grey and soot and cigarette butts xmas. But that's the way we like it here! You got a problem with that???!?

Coming Later:
Rosie Rebel's Arabian Xmas

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cinnabon is drugs

OK I had read that the smell of Cinnamon made people spend more money, and I noticed the prices at Cinnabon seemed over-priced. Today I was cold and stopped in there to get a coffee. She told me I liked it sweet and told me she would make it special for me so I would like it more. I was going to ask for it plain, no milk or sugar, but her offer sounded good. Then I ended up spending $3 on something I shouldn't eat. So I went in there for coffee and ended up spending over $5. The coffee was AMAZING, like nothing I ever tasted before. It had the strangest psychoactive effect. While I sat tehre eating and drinking, the music went from loud angry shouted spanish music to loud post-grunge sung in English then to something that sounded like Andean music. A family sat next to me, telling the girl working there that they would be coming back every day for the rest of the week, which is a strange thing to sit and tell someone working at a fast food place. I never heard anyone say taht in Burger King.

I walked out dizzy and feeling drugged, almost tripping on my feet twice on the way home. When I got inside, Kitka started mewling weirdly and smelling me all over. If I get up and walk, she meows in a high-pitched weird way and runs in circles, extremely excited.

To atone for my sins, on the way home, I stopped at the outdoor food thing and bought 3 pounds of bananas for a dollar-- they have to be eaten in the next day so I'm on an all banana diet again ha.