Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trachtenburgs, Tohm, Michele and more

Spent last night doing a project with the Trachtenburg Family. In the middle, Tohm Lev showed up and contributed greatly to the proceedings. More about that some other time.
The night before, I had gone to the Rosie Rebel show at the art star theater, and it was really good, even though it was hot in there and smelled weird in the back, haha. Rosie was great, she had new bra props and her "rubbing a banana against her breasts" routine never fails to entertain. Mandy Stadtmiller was an excellent hostess and SuperCute! sang a great anti-drug song and put on a fashion show of outfits they had created themselves. A lot of people picked on models because there was an anti-fashion theme to the show. Reverend Jen had a slide show of a chihuahua fashion show. All the art star cast members made an appearance, and Reverend Billy gave a blessing in the beginning. I thought Rosie did a very good job organizing the event.

A few nights back, I went to Michele Carlo's book party at the Tenement Museum, and it was as packed as Rosie's show, and as big a success! Michele is becoming a star, and it couldn't happen to a nicer or more deserving person. Congratulations, Michele!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

For nerds only

I let my nerdy side out in this podcast-- err, I mean, "INTERNET RADIO SHOW." Which means "podcast."

Episode contents:
Gorman Park, explanation of Washington Heights, Can't hear lightning, Park as staircase or staircase as park, Park as castle, What parks exist in the west 30's in Manhattan?, Walking from the ghetto into the forest, How do you pronounce detritus?, Santeria in the forest, Redbird in the City, Cardinals built into Gorman Park fences, Raccoon walking down Pinehurst Avenue, The source of skunk smell, The mellow forest rat, Lightning!, Coney Island, Richard Shaver, Timothy Green Beckley, Mr. Creepo, PERSONAL MESSAGE TO FRANK, 418 license plate, Box with a dirty rock in it that proves that humans are controlled by underground robots, Frank should meet Tim, I have a cold or something, Outro.

The footage of the bird I think was a cardinal:
Now I understand why Bigfoot footage is so blurry, haha.

Intro and outro music by Bellybrain, Kurt Cobain, Ringo Starr, The Cramps, and William Bendix:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall is here! Practically!

It's under 70 degrees for days now in NYC, and the leaves are on the ground as though it were Halloween already! Yes, I'm making a post about the weather. Autumn and Spring are the two best times of year in New York City.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Girls and monsters

I asked two people what they thought I was best at drawing. One said girls and cats. The other said girls and monsters. Today, we have a girl and a monster.
 Which is which??

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Big UCB News from Angel Yau!

by Angel Yau
So the Del Close Marathon is 72 hours of improv straight (with a 30 minute cleaning
break every few hours or so, over 150 shows for the weekend) mostly at the UCB
although they also rented other stages nearby. It started
Friday at 4pm with the UCB Press Conference (Matt Besser, Matt Walsh
and Ian Roberts) and the big news they shared was that they
have a new space opening called UCB EAST! It's a 150
seat theater (a bit smaller than the current UCB). They are planning to open
the new theatre in late 2011... It's going to be at 3rd and Avenue A.

The current UCB Theatre will continue to operate as its main stage for improv and of course ASSSCAT.
They said, "[UCB East is] going to have all different kinds of comedy.
The same way this will be heavily improv, that will be heavily standup. You
will be able to do things that you can't do in a club in the Midwest."
And this place will also be fully equipped with a bar.

I wasn't there for all 72 hours but I was there every day videotaping most of the live shows. There
were definitely dedicated fans. The Theatre was constantly packed no matter
what time of day it was. One of the final shows on Sunday was Walsh and Roberts
making grilled cheese sandwiches for the audience because they knew everyone was hungry.

It was definitely fun and I got to see most of my LA UCB friends again.
Here are some highlights
already posted up at
(as you can see I was part of the crew)


I believe Lucy (right) is moving to the LIGHT side of the Disco Ball Moon,
whilst Bethany Noel (left) remains on the DARK side.
Good luck to The Moon is a Disco Ball!!!


If you want the latest pix and news about Irish model Lisa Peters
then check out her new website:
You can see recent modelling shots as well as the video of Lisa on national
television this week.
Lisa claims she will have daily updates there.
Good luck to Lisa, the model/singer who co-created the 209 Show with Peter