Thursday, August 26, 2010

For nerds only

I let my nerdy side out in this podcast-- err, I mean, "INTERNET RADIO SHOW." Which means "podcast."

Episode contents:
Gorman Park, explanation of Washington Heights, Can't hear lightning, Park as staircase or staircase as park, Park as castle, What parks exist in the west 30's in Manhattan?, Walking from the ghetto into the forest, How do you pronounce detritus?, Santeria in the forest, Redbird in the City, Cardinals built into Gorman Park fences, Raccoon walking down Pinehurst Avenue, The source of skunk smell, The mellow forest rat, Lightning!, Coney Island, Richard Shaver, Timothy Green Beckley, Mr. Creepo, PERSONAL MESSAGE TO FRANK, 418 license plate, Box with a dirty rock in it that proves that humans are controlled by underground robots, Frank should meet Tim, I have a cold or something, Outro.

The footage of the bird I think was a cardinal:
Now I understand why Bigfoot footage is so blurry, haha.

Intro and outro music by Bellybrain, Kurt Cobain, Ringo Starr, The Cramps, and William Bendix:

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