Monday, April 12, 2010

I met Joe Franklin!

Frank Wood's friend Professor Tom told me to come to Joe Franklin's office today at 5.
I had never met Mr. Franklin before, but I've watched him since I was a kid.
The Professor was taping his show there and filmed me interviewing Joe for a while, that was fun--
to interview the great interviewer!
But I asked him questions I bet he's answered 4 million times.
He told me he'd always wanted to interview Greta Garbo but she always said no.
I told him that probably my favorite episodes were Bing Crosby and J Geils Band, haha.
I also liked the Nick Zedd one but I don't know if he'd remember that one.
He did remember Tim Beckley, though, when I brought him up in conversation.
Joe says Tim is a very very smart man, a great man.
Then a gentleman in a suit who has a radio show on WPAT came in and Joe asked him if I weren't a great man. So the guy from WPAT agreed, yes. Then we introduced ourselves to each other, haha.
Joe is still fast with the quips and the one-liners.
At one point he appeared to have fallen asleep but when he heard us talking about him being asleep, he favored us with a story about him and Al Jolson!
You don't get to hear too many Al Jolson jokes any more.
He seemed very familiar with modern entertainment, and he told me that Amy Poehler makes $100,000 a week! He insisted this is true, and I would never dare to doubt the great Joe Franklin.


Tim Beckley said...

Hey my office is almost as cluttered as Joe's. But he has a few years on my collection. In fact, there is a shelf where my office and his would merge as I have some paste up mechanicals from when I was publishing the Memory Lane News. Joe Franklyn and Long John Nebel - two of my all time faves in the world of broadcasting. Jean Sheapard would be right up there as well as Soupy Sales.

Peter Bernard said...

John Keel also spoke highly of Long John Nebel and he would tear up and become emotional every time he discussed Candy Jones.