Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peter Bernard's New York

I've begun a new educational series on YouTube called "Peter Bernard's New York." In it, I talk to interesting personalities from around town, and IN THEORY AT LEAST, I'd also do some "solo" episodes where I talk about stories from my own life. None of my stories so far seem as interesting to me as my guests', though, so we'll see about the solo episodes. I don't expect these to get many views in the beginning as I'm sort of coming out of left field with this, but as they begin to pile up, I'll create an index or search engine on my site so that people would be able to browse alphabetically by guest or subject, or search directly for the episodes they want to see. I'm trying to keep them under 5 minutes-ish, and I hope to get to everybody and everything eventually. If you have a good idea about some cool person or establishment or group of people in the City who are doing something which should be made note of, please forward any pertinent info to peter at Thanks!

Above is the premiere episode, featuring Jason Trachtenburg at the 4th Street Food Co-Op. An anti-health food wag described this one on Facebook as "Honey, I Shrunk The Supermarket!"

Above: the first of a series of episodes starring FRANK WOOD, legendary NYC rock show promoter. In this episode, Frank explains how he got even with punk rock star Johnny Thunders!

Above is our second trip to the 4th Street Food Co-Op, this time to talk to the lovely Claire and Dreamriver Press book publisher Theodore Poulis.

Coming Friday: Professor Tom performs Shakespeare AND opera-- all with his clothes on!


After that: Angel Yau! The Rampler a/k/a Frank Edward Nora a/k/a "Ed 209!"
Mr. Creepo! Dino from Laughing Sky! Plus SURPRISE SPECIAL GUESTS!

Haha I'm not hyping this one as much as most of my things, I think it will eventually find it's audience once enough episodes have built up, and I think all the episodes will get decent views EVENTUALLY if not in the short term.

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Mike Clelland! said...

Wow, Claire is the quintessential east village artist quirky cutie-pie. During my decade in that very neighborhood I would have been the book-end, epitomizing the same anxious groovy energy.

Assumptions that I suspect are TRUE: Clair has a cat, vinyl records, non-matching silverware, at least one Meters album, a few Raymond Chandler paperbacks - and cute shoes.

(I am not a stalker, fear-not, I live in idaho)

Mike C!