Saturday, April 24, 2010

Banking with John A. Keel

One day, John Keel brought me with him to this bank. He told me he still banked here because it was the last one he knew of still kept in it's original state. If you can imagine how tall those windows are, well the ceilings inside are even higher. It's the most ridiculous waste of space anywhere left in Manhattan. He taught me about how when banks like this one were built, the people running things wanted us proles to feel secure about our financial institutions, to think of them as solid and eternal. That's why banks were built out of massive blocks of stone and had interiors like St. Patrick's freaking cathedral.These days banks are storefronts which open and close randomly all the time. He said THAT was ALSO a message being sent to us proles by those who make decisions, a change in how they wanted us to view financial institutions.
So we waited in a REALLY long line for a REALLY long time so that Keel could do his banking with a human instead of a machine.
He also never got an email address AFAIK. I kept asking him to, I told him it would make things so much easier. I should have realized that in his mind, making things easier was not a priority.

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