Saturday, March 27, 2010

Your recipe for success

I had to go to both Brooklyn today and 59th Street just to get them to run a rerun of Angel's birthday episode this coming Monday night. So annoying, so much wasted time, which is why I need to get away from public access.
But then again is it wasted when I discover that Checker Phil is on the cover of the new MNN Program Guide (above)? I called him right away to say congrats but he was embarrassed that it was an old picture of him when he was less healthy but much larger.
This is what he looks like these days, 127 pounds lighter.
Phil enthusiastically invited me to come see Jason's new band on his show,
and I was intrigued because it would be a way to get to see the new band without having to deal with the public and certain emotionally draining people (they all know who I mean).
See that woman? I have no idea who she is, but one of the cameramen left his camera alone to hit on her for a good long time, so I kept repositioning the camera to give the editor (they edit the shows live there as though it were 1952) a third angle to choose from. At one point, Iwent over to the guy and asked, "Shouldn't someone be manning that camera?" He looked at me, looked at the camera, shrugged his shoulders, and said, "Meh." During one of Jason's songs, Phil himself had to man the camera. Oh, Jason's band didn't show, he was lip syncing to his latest record instead.

I liked the song that was like Harry Nillssen best. Jason also did the weirdest thing I've ever seen him do-- he played Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" and sang along but with his own lyrics about Billy Jean King, and while doing this, played tennis. It reminded me of the old Joe Franklin Show, but in a good way.
Checker Phil challenged Jason to a pushup contest and whipped Jason's ass.
Then Checker Phil demanded to beat Jason a second time, and did so thoroughly.
Both of them went on and on about health food and so forth, and my mind drifted to the scene in "Rock'n'Roll High School" when the manager makes Joey eat "wheat germ and riboflavin."
But then I woke up because Jason told a Jewish joke but prefaced it with, "Peter Bernard will like this one!" I was like whatwhatWHAT? So now Checker Phil's audience will think that Jason and I are Nazis, which is especially weird for Jason, since he's Jewish.

But Jason is one of the most underrated songwriters in the world today, so I don't care.
Afterward, he told me he doesn't listen to music.
He said that nobody writes a book while reading a book!
I laughed when I saw this truck today, although I can't say why.

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