Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A-Rod part 2

Bad blurry shot of the crowd outside watching A-Rod eat lunch inside yesterday. It was a crazy scene, with a live mariachi band and so forth. I only went outside to check it at the end because I had been busy talking to Lisa online. I mean, YES there was a riot outside but I was talking to Lisa!!! One needs to have priorities in life. Anyway, by the time I got the camera to re-focus, A-Rod had been chauffeured away.

He ate there last year and then hit a home run that night. So it was no surprise as I came home last night around 11 that people were streaming out of my building and running screaming toward the restaurant. I knew that A-Rod had hit a home run, haha. I went upstairs and sure enough, the tv was replaying the home run. The TV my roommate had left unattended as he ran downstairs to "The A-Rod restaurant" to celebrate.

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