Wednesday, May 26, 2010


See attached, which I lifted from the Andy Kaufman facebook page. The NICE Andy's facebook page I mean, not the cranky bitter one. It was an awesome episode of Fridays. Andy announced he had found God and was going to marry this Christian lady. He brought her out and they kissed. They sang gospel songs and utterly bored/confused the audience for the entire hour. At one point he was about to introduce The Pretenders but when the audience misbehaved, he made them pull the curtain back and wouldn't let the Pretenders sing-- you can see them cracking up behind him-- the only time I ever saw any of the Pretenders laughing. He lectured the audience that drugs are bad-- it was completely unfunny-- SO FUNNY. Also so ironic that two of the Pretenders later died from drugs.

Ever since I had my heart broken earlier this year, I've wished I could have a woman make an honest man out of me and rescue me from all the teenage girls constantly stalking and obsessing over me. But it takes an honest woman to make an honest man! Hmmm, that sounds like the title of a lost DEVO song... Until then, it's fake marriages and real stalkers for me I suppose. But I do wish I could "settle down" and have some sort of a family before I die. Or fake my death. Whichever comes first.

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