Saturday, September 13, 2008


Almost every day I wish I had known Rosie Rebel before she got into Columbia University, when she had more time for projects. But backwards retroactive wishes are pointless, I need to be re-educated on magical thinking haha.

I need more women for the show, believe it or not. I think I just need to keep having new women on and see if any of them come back on their own organically. I'd like to have regular people but I also don't want the drama that comes with familiarity breeding contempt and so forth. Also I don't like issuing orders, I like collaborating, and collaboration occurs between peers. Peers also have rivalries and jealousies and ego issues.

That's why I wish I knew Rosie earlier, she doesn't have those issues. And she's the only one that makes fun of me or imitates me that doesn't annoy me. When I get overdramatic or say something stupid, she imitates me and we both laugh. If she weren't so busy we could call it the Rosie Rebel show, I would be fine with that. But she is busy so I'm not going to do that.

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