Monday, September 15, 2008

Lisa wins again

Lisa always gets her way.GUEST BLOGGER: Lisa Peters
Hey so this is Lisa Peters from Ireland. :)
Do you remember me? Does it ring a bell somewhere? Somehow?

You might be thinking why the hell is she doing the mailer seen as I'm already back home in Ireland. Well let me exaplin!!

I had been doing some thinking lately. And I was thinking that now seems like a fitting time to put some new material back out on YouTube. Then I remembered how Peter Bernard had helped with the publicity for my videos. And they were pretty successful thankfully. And I realised how I would need the help of Peter again. Hopefully to re create some magic. Peter discovered Amy Poehler, so I know for a fact that he does has a good eye for talent. Peter wanted to work with me from the begining when noone else did. When I was just starting out. Posting (wow the most hidious) videos on youtube ever! lol (Thank god those videos are long gone!!) I have to laugh looking back. But what Im saying is. Peter believed in me when I was a nobody. (I still kinda am.. but we'll bypass that fact! lol) So I would be thankful to Peter as a friend and I would also consider him as one of the best underground publicists and talent discoverers.

So then I asked Peter what would he want in return for him doing the publicity. And guess what... Here I am... Back on the 2amshow. For one final season. To be honest, I did'nt see myself coming back to host another season. I really did'nt. But Im excited about it. And apparently I will be hosting Dublin entertainers ect. So thats kinda cool! I guess things have a funny way of working out in the end! And you really do not know how things will go from one day to the next! Well now me and Peter have another chance to work with each other! So lets keep it coolio!!


Now I am a TV star in New York again, so NO PHOTOS PLEASE!!!

Im eating pizza now at 1am.. my rockstar lifestyle lol and ive college in the morning.. so wow. . I really better head to bed soon!

More from me soon :)

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