Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Henrey Cat 1998(?)--2012

 Henrey Lee Lucat died today.
 Henrey had been impatient for summer to get here. Today was a warm summer day in the middle of cold weather because it was Henrey's time to go and he cut a deal with the Universe to be allowed one more beautiful warm day.
In case you were wondering why it was cold yesterday and 80 degrees today,
now you know.
 Hank had connections.

 Sizing up the competition.
 He was such a tiny creature but he was always head cat through to his last day.
Henrey was a window cat.
I learned more about zen from him than any human zen master.
We could stare out the window for an hour together,
or stare into each other's eyes too.
I'd been giving him extra window time these past few days.
Today we held hands and looked at each other for a long, long time.
He taught me patience and a comfort for the present moment I didn't have prior to meeting him.
 Frank would often try to sleep close to Henrey
but when Hank would wake up, he'd be so annoyed!
 Frank would watch over his big brother while he slept.
 This was Hank earlier today. He couldn't eat any more, no matter how hard he tried.
He didn't give up, he fought to survive till the last day,
then he let Marie know it was his time to go
in a way they had agreed on earlier.
Henrey Lee Lucat 1998 (?) -- 2012

Videos of Henrey:
Henrey Cat: Gardening in the Sky:

Henrey and the Snow Storm:

Squeaky Toy Action Film: http://youtu.be/6O-Slu1Jm78
Henrey Cat Flossing Film: http://youtu.be/BTxbWgx9mPc
Henrey Cat 3 Second Subliminal Film: http://youtu.be/R_W-PSY-rnI
Henrey in "Every Cat Must Get Stoned:" http://youtu.be/SZqFhF1-1hs

His good close friends Charango and Mungo are looking after him now.
We'll see you in thunder storms, Henrey, and in dreams.


A Friend said...

What a beautiful eulogy for truly the best cat in the world, now enjoying another. It was a beautiful day here and I thought of Hank all day knowing that this was the perfect day for any cat, but especially for Henrey. We all loved him so much and if I weren't crying so much I would have called Marie to tell her this.

Much love, from all of us here in the Great White North (although it was 80 here too).
tracey, et al.

Marie said...

Thanks for saying so many beautiful things about Hank. I'm so very very lucky I got to spend time with such a magnificent being. And I'm glad you and he got to be such good friends.

-marie, aka foods bitch

Ellen G said...

I am mourning for Henrey, Marie, even though I never met him personally. Thanks for the charming photos and commentary. Itis so hard to outlive our wonderful and dear animals.
xxxooo Ellen G.