Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pictures of Saugerties and Woodstock.

 Went north to Saugerties/Woodstock for a week.
 The bus had a 209 in its name, prompting me to contemplate "fate" as I rode north.
I listened to episodes of The Rampler. He was talking about the same things I was thinking,
and he was broadcasting from the Port Authority I had just ridden out of.
It all seemed as though this must be part of the script and I should just play my part.
 Here's where I stayed.
 Here's what I read. (Meditation book a gift from Checker Phil)
 Many spiders came to keep me company all over the floor.
 Swing on the porch-- much appreciated and used.

 Cafe Mezzaluna:
This is the best place to get breakfast in this area, and I hear the place is really happening on Sundays.
Also, this is where Jimmy Fallon hangs out when he comes back to visit his family up here--
at least that's what they tell me.

Art inside the Cafe.
 Fresh Brown Eggs!
 This beer is 50 cents a can and available only from Stewart's which I think is a gas station.
The label looks like it was drawn by a teenage hillbilly and it tastes like Schaeffer.
 Apparently the first white people to live up here were my people--
Lutherans from Germany.
There were older tombstones, I shot video that I have to sift through as well.
I'll at last send it to my sister, she's into all this cemetery stuff.
 At the crossroads in my life.

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