Tuesday, October 19, 2010

418 Show #5 plus MYSTERY CAT VIDEO

418 Show #5, Live from the woods in Saugerties, NY
Running time around 19:55

I apologize for speaking so quietly in this audio, I was sitting on the swing on the front porch as people were leaving the area in droves to bring their kids back to school the next day,

Audio Link: http://onsug.com/archives/4261
Contents of audio:
Robot intro, closing the cabin door, swinging on the porch, there's the chipmunk, humans are squirrels, thinking about family and kids, white kids can be annoying, be happy with what you've got, people staring at me, I want a hot meal, cabins and tents vs. Washington Heights, squirrels-- playing or mating?, maybe I should be a “serious artist” instead of trying to make people happy, Jim Morrison's shamanism, the day I died, lay people becoming interested in shamanism, Skidoo, Cary Grant, Monkey Business, organic food supermarkets, trees all colors, wanted hot breakfast, enter zen through fried mushrooms, territorial pissings, look out for low stone fences, I am not an expert of anything, I know nothing about show business, music or anything else, in NYC people tell me who it would be good to work with, the chipmunk is living under my cabin, I never understood bar hopping, here comes a tractor trailer.

Chipmunk video: http://209show.com/418/chipmunkvid01.html

Photos related to this episode:

Mystery cat video
-- please help me solve the mystery of what this cat was:
Around 10 after 7 am on the morning of 10/15/10, the birds started making a fuss and I looked out the screen door of the cabin to see a cat run past from left to right. I had not seen ANY cats the entire time I was up there but saw plenty of chipmunks and squirrels. I grabbed the camera and turned it on and ran outside. I saw the cat sitting in the dark. I tried to lure it out by talking cat language to it. When it finally came out into the light, it was larger than I had realized and I'm sort of glad it was scared of me.
Video and photos here:
It looks sort of like a bobcat but has a long fluffy tail. Maybe it's a large house cat mixed with a wild cat? If you can solve this puzzle, please forward along your findings to peter@peterbernard.com. 

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