Thursday, April 2, 2009


How does one un-follow blogs one is following? All rather annoying.

Tonight Jason asked me why I was afraid to go on Facebook. I told him I had to unfriend a girl I love who hates me, a friend of his wife.

He laughed and said, "Love is a multi-pronged utensil."

I haven't written here since my Kitka died. I went home from taping the first Jessica's Chest and she died within hours suddenly at the age of 4. Lisa Peters wrote me an email, telling me that now Kitka was in Heaven watching over me and protecting me.

Today Lisa told youtube to take down my films that she is in, claiming copyright of my films that she appeared in eagerly and cooperated with promoting on youtube. Jason said oh that's just big business, I said it wasn't the record company doing it, it was Lisa.

Say it again:
"Love is a multi-pronged utensil."

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