Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Mighty Wind

Last night it was 63 degrees out when I was walking to Jon Montgomery's debut performance of his new all-star supergroup The New York Blues Project. Such a beautiful night, hard not to be in a good mood. The packed, friendly, excited house loved what they heard, and chanted when it was over for the star drummer Bleu Ocean (who used to be the live drummer playing behind the Monkees back in their original tours, among other cool career credits). Jon is a living legend and he associates with others of the same ilk. They're already talking about playing Europe and so forth, it feels like an exciting start.

Walking home from the cool old 60's style club on 78th Street across from the Museum, the weather had gotten a bit colder, but MUCH windier. All these pretty women out in stilt heels and flouncy dresses, all walking backwards against the wind, trying in vain to hold their skirts down against the extreme gusts. Life is free entertainment if you just look all around you.

Today, I was walking to Trump to see Horus cat and the wind was so strong, it almost knocked me backwards off the stairs as I approached the building! I saw a guy accidentally get tangled in a woman's dog leash! The wind was more extreme than I've ever seen it in New York, which is saying something.

I am excited this weekend to be working on co-creating female characters with a woman with an international reputation in animation. I'm doing a lot of writing and drawing as well as playing with Horus and brushing him. It's a very busy time but I feel extremely grateful to literally have too many things to do in the time allotted. Which reminds me, I'd better get back to it.

Hmm, no illustrations for this blog entry, that's odd for me. But maybe it's appropriate that a blog post about wind should be filled with nothing but my hot air.

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