Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jimmy Dean has died.

 Jimmy Dean of pork sausage fame has died. Probably most people are not aware that he was a country music entertainer for years before going into the dead pig business. In fact, he used to have his own TV show, shot here in Manhattan. My aunt was his secretary, so I had a ROWLF autographed photo before Sesame Street came on the air. Jim Henson used to do the Rowlf character on the Jimmy Dean show back then.

Much more recently, Ashly Covington, who had done voice-overs for me on some of my cartoons, did a hand job for old Jimmy. I mean, she did hand modeling in one of his ads!!! Yes, that's actually what they call it, a hand job. She had her hands all over Jimmy's sausage. You can't make these things up.

Rest in peaace, Jimmy Dean!

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